Hong Kong Opposition Activist Denied Bail after being Charged with Sedition


Hong Kong People Power activist Tam Tak-chi was the first person to be charged with sedition and remanded by a lower court.

Prosecutors alleged that activist Tam Tak-chi initially violated the rarely used law at a park in Tai Po on January 17, before committing similar offences on six more occasions in as many places, in Kowloon and on Hong Kong Island, between March 15 and July 19.

Under the Crimes Ordinance, uttering seditious words can result in fines of HK$5,000 and up to two years in prison for a first offence.

Other charges include, incitement to take part in an unauthorised assembly, disorderly conduct in public, and refusing or wilfully neglecting to obey an order given by a police officer.

Hong Kong police have arrested 25 people under the national security law, including the media mogul Jimmy Lai and the well-known pro-democracy activist Agnes Chow. Tong Ying-kit is the only person to have been charged and is on remand. The activist Andy Li, who was arrested on 10 August, was among those detained two weeks later by Chinese coastguards, accused of attempting to flee to Taiwan by boat. Those also arrested are on police bail, pending charges. Lai has also faced or is facing separate charges.

More that 10,000 people have been arrested in relation on the mass protests throughout 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

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